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What Are the Founder's Packs?
Our Founder's Packs are a set of four bundles available to celebrate the launch of Lost Ark.

The Founder's Packs are purchased either directly from Steam, or as codes from Amazon that are redeemed through Steam, and are available for purchase through launch.

Note: Multiples of the same Founder’s Pack can't be applied to a single account.

If different tiers of the Founder's Pack are applied to the same account, the Royal Crystals and other unique or stacking rewards from each Founder's Pack are granted. However, other non-stacking items like skins aren't duplicated.


After you redeem your Founder's Pack, it's applied to your Roster inventory and bound to your account. Select the server where you want to play, and create a character. You will then have the option to claim the pack to your character from the roster inventory.

When you decide to claim your Founder's Pack on a character, the pack will be bound to that world, which holds a roster of 6 characters. Crystalline Aura, Mounts, pets and packed crates or chests are world/roster-bound. To transfer world/roster bound items to other characters in the same roster, you can use Roster Storage, which is available in any major city.

If the Aura, Mount, Pet, Title or special crate/pack is unpacked and applied on the character, consider it character-bound. You will be unable to move these items to any other character after that point. Unpacked crates, including skins and silver, are restricted to the character once it's in your Inventory. Royal Crystal is the only item in the packs that is account-bound and can be used on any world or region.

For more information on world selection, check out Playing with Friends: Region and World Selection.

If you've already redeemed your Founder's Pack, check out the news here.

Founder’s Packs are nonrefundable.