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Server Merges
To improve the overall player experience for Lost Ark, server merges begin on September 28th, 2022.

If you have a roster on both servers in a merge, your rosters will be combined. Here's how we plan on handling items, progression, and rosters together. With some exceptions, the majority of items and systems can be categorized by the following policies:

  • Max - The items/system are set to the highest value found on either roster.

  • Min - The items/system are set to the lowest value found on either roster.

  • Sum - Both roster’s values are added together.

  • Union - The items/system are added together, with duplicates being removed.

  • Reset - The system is reconfigured to the default value.

For more information regarding the server merges, please read our developer update post.

Merges Planned for September 28th, 2022

Western Europe

  • Shadespire merges into Rethramis

  • Petrania merges into Tortoyk

  • Tragon merges into Moonkeep

  • Stonehearth merges into Punika

South America

  • Kurzan merges into Agaton

  • Prideholme merges into Vern

  • Yorn merges into Gienah

  • Feiton merges into Arcturus

Central Europe

  • Sirius and Sceptrum merge and become Armen

  • Thaemine and Procyon merge and become Lazenith

  • Nineveh and Beatrice merge and become Evergrace

  • Brelshaza and Inanna merge and become Ezrebet

Planned Round 2 Merges

After monitoring the September 28 merges, we plan to implement the following merges on October 12th, 2022:

Western Europe

  • Rethramis and Tortoyk merge and become Ealyn

  • Moonkeep and Punika merge and become Nia

South America

  • Agaton and Vern merge and become Arthentine

  • Gienah and Arcturus merge and become Blackfang