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'Lost Ark' Closed Beta: November 4-11


Amazon Games is hosting a Closed Beta test for Lost Ark, our new free-to-play, action-packed MMOARPG game developed by Smilegate RPG. This Closed Beta will allow players to test the technical aspects of the game such as server stability, tech integrations, and large-scale bug testing, in addition to a host of new content.

The test will run on Steam, starting November 4, with servers in North America and Europe. There will be no NDA required —we want to encourage players to discuss with friends, share, record, or broadcast their Beta content and gameplay.

At the start of the Closed Beta on November 4th, we will be conducting a load test to ensure server stability. For those first few hours during the test, every player within a region will be sent to a single world. This means Beta participants may experience longer queue times. This is an intentional part of the testing—we will be expanding worlds as more players come online. These extended wait times should only be experienced on November 4th, during the load test.

If you are interested in helping us test, sign up for your chance now. Pre-purchasing any of the Lost Ark Founder’s Packs will grant entry into Closed Beta, and additional testers will be invited from our tester sign-up program and other giveaways!

Closed Beta update details

Existing fans of Lost Ark and Closed Alpha participants can find a comprehensive list of changes between the Closed Alpha and Closed Beta in Lost Ark’s recent blog about Closed Beta. Please note that many core systems such as localization and monetization are still in progress and will have additional changes between Closed Beta and launch.

We look forward to hearing your feedback.