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In-Game Resources
Storm Runners has different types of in-game resources. This guide will help you understand each resource and what they do.

In-Game Resources

  • Scrap: Use scrap to purchase MOD abilities during the game play. You can earn scrap by defeating the enemies.

  • Gems: Use gems to buy energy, coins, etc. You can earn gems from gameplay or purchase gems for real money.

  • Coins: Use coins to upgrade hero level, ascend heroes, and upgrade weapon level. You can earn coins from gameplay.

  • Energy: Use energy to enter game play. You can either purchase energy with gems, or wait over time for energy to refill.

  • Hero Shards: Use Hero shards to unlock a hero. Hero shards are earned from gameplay, salvage, or purchasable in bundles.

  • Upgrade Materials: Use upgrade materials to upgrade gear using coins. There are different types of upgrade material for Weapon, Armor, and Accessory. You can earn upgrade materials from gameplay.

  • Common tickets: Use common tickets to get common SALVAGE rewards. You can earn common tickets from gameplay, stage rewards, purchased in bundles.

  • Premium tickets: Use premium tickets to receive premium SALVAGE rewards. You can earn premium tickets from gameplay, stage rewards or purchased in bundles.

Note: To check your device compatibility and download the game, go to Google Play store or Apple App Store and search for Storm Runners.