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Support Storm Runners In-Game Advertisements
In-Game Advertisements
At specific points during the game, you’ll have the opportunity to watch or play an advertisement from a third-party provider, and receive an in-game reward.

Rewards can include:

  • a one-time revive of one of your heroes,

  • a doubling of the reward from defeating a stage,

  • getting more energy.

Note: In-Game advertisements are not available in all countries.

If you do not want to watch the advertisement, you can close the pop-up by clicking on X.

Tip: If you exit during the advertisement, you will not receive the reward.

More Information

Sharing data with our Ad Providers:

Earn in-game rewards in Storm Runners by watching and playing personalized advertisements from third-party providers. By requesting an ad, you are directing us to send your unique device advertising ID, IP address, hardware and operating system specifications, game progress, language and country location to these providers.

Once you have requested ads, we will share this data with the ad providers each time you play the game. These rewarded ads are personalized by the third-party providers to make them more relevant to you. If you want to stop being offered rewarded personalized ads and stop data sharing, please turn off ads in settings. You can turn rewarded personalized ads back on in the same setting screen.

Below is a list of our ad providers, with links to their websites where you can review their privacy policies, set your privacy preferences, and exercise your rights under applicable law.