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What Are the Founder's Packs?

Our Founder's Packs are a set of three bundles available to celebrate the launch of Crucible.

The Founder's Packs are purchased from Steam or as codes from Amazon that are redeemed through Steam. The Founder’s Packs contain:

  • Exclusive skins
  • Customization items, such as drop pod decals
  • In-game currency
  • Pre-Season Battle Pass and a number of battle stars, which unlock rewards in the battle pass.

The Founder’s Packs are available now through the end of the Pre-Season.

Multiples of the same Founder’s Pack cannot be applied to a single account.

If different tiers of the Founder's Pack are applied to the same account, the in-game Credits and other unique or stacking rewards from each Founder's Pack are granted. However, other nonstacking items like skins aren't duplicated.

Founder’s Packs are nonrefundable.

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