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Support Crucible Technical Accessibility Features

Accessibility Features

Crucible offers a variety of accessibility options to enhance gameplay.

Settings Options for Audio, Video, and Gameplay


  • Resolution - the number of horizontal and vertical pixels on a display screen.
  • Brightness - the intensity of light coming from a screen.
  • Contrast - the difference between light and dark on the screen.
  • Saturation - the intensity of color.
  • Gamma correction - the luminance formula for images on the screen.


  • Master volume
  • Effects volume
  • Music volume
  • Dialogue volume
  • Voice locale/language
  • UI locale/language
  • Subtitle locale/language


  • Enable edge of screen effects
  • Enable sticky keys


  • In-match subtitles
  • Menu subtitles
  • Subtitle font size
  • Subtitle background opacity
  • Subtitle lines to display

Quick Comms

Quick Comms provides nonverbal communication options between players. Use it to:

  • Set markers in the world to suggest target locations (or locations to avoid).
  • Target enemy players to direct focused fire.
  • Display a UI wheel to select a communication prompt. The keybinding to invoke the UI wheel is changeable.

Remappable Inputs for Keyboard, Mouse, and Controller

  • Default bindings for mouse, keyboard, and controller
  • Fully rebindable input mappings
  • Variable input options
  • Remappable menu navigation
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