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Eternal Frost, the latest season of ‘New World’ is here!


Eternal Frost is now live. Celebrate Winter Convergence and team up with a surly fire mage to save Aeternum from an eternal winter for festive loot. You can also delve into the Glacial Tarn Expedition in pursuit of the Varangian Knight Ser Loth.

In the latest chapter of the Silver Crows storyline, you’ll encounter the Commander of the Frostbound. This power-hungry Knight of the Round Table leads an army of mutated Varangians in search of powerful artifacts to unleash a horror upon Aeternum. The new Silver Crow, Daichi, is exceptionally stubborn, but remains a loyal ally and your only option to defeat the Frostbound.

Seasonal Events have also arrived as holiday cheer spreads across Aeternum to herald the arrival of the Winter Convergence Festival. Discover Gleamite Meteors, visit Winter Villages, and enjoy the festivities. There’s even a rematch with the Winter Warrior for new and improved limited-time rewards.

Adventurers interested in new aesthetics can enjoy fresh skins in the latest store update-Ronin’s Shadow. If you walk the warrior’s path, visit the Store for new Ronin’s Shadow items. Finally, celebrate the launch of our latest season with the Scarlet-Masked Twitch Drop. This Drop contains five skins and is available for Twitch viewers alongside the Eternal Frost. Tune into your favorite New World content creator with Drops enabled until early January to claim yours.

For a complete look at Eternal Frost as well as more about Cross World Expeditions launching later this season, check out the official New World site.