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Arkesia introduces the continent of Elgacia and more in the ‘Lost Ark’ June update


After working tirelessly across our own earthly lands, the dedicated Lost Ark team has just shared a detailed explainer of June’s major updates and additions.

While there are several aspects to the June update, first and foremost, Lost Ark and the heroes of Arkesia welcome the Continent of Elgacia – delivering a new story, a new end-game Abyssal Dungeon, raids, boss, and of course events, skins and various other pieces of new character and game content. This new adventure continues the storyline following the Demon invasion in South Vern and the Legion Commanders' powers are growing all over world. Will the final paradise built by Regulus stand? Players will explore Ereonnor, the city of light, and much more as they quest through Elgacia and uncover the secrets of the Lazeniths.

Also new, up to 4 players can experience the Kayangel, Light’s Sanctuary Abyssal Dungeon, that can be accessed after completing the Elgacia story. And when players are ready to raid, they can work through events to unlock the Balthorr Raid Event, which can be completed once per day at the Great Castle's Tavern.

The updates continue with the opening of the final 25 floors of Fortunespire, a new buff limit for new players, and the introduction of a system that allows players to upgrade Relic Ability Stones all the way to Ancient. And if that weren’t enough, new card packs await as well. For the entire list of updates and additions in detail, just head over to the official Lost Ark site.