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The ‘Lost Ark’ September update is now live


The Lost Ark team is excited to announce that the game’s September update, titled “Jump to the Endgame,” is now live! As the title suggests, the focus of this update is a new feature that will allow players to jump ahead to the endgame content. And this new feature is called Jump-Start servers.

In Lost Ark, some of the game’s very best content consists of raids and dungeons reserved for the “endgame,” the part of the game that is accessible after players complete the main story and reach a required item level. Jump-Start servers are aimed at new and returning players, those who have never played the game or who are coming back after a period of inactivity, to get them up to speed and into the endgame content. The way this works is when a player joins a Jump-Start server, they will receive materials that provide faster progression for their characters. They’ll also be isolated from other existing servers, so they will have an independent experience that’s unaffected by existing servers and regions. This way they can get caught up with Lost Ark’s unique gameplay and systems without the pressure of being paired up with seasoned veterans who move at a much faster pace.

In addition to Jump-Start servers, players can take part in additional progression events with the South Vern Powerpass, Story Express, and Jump-Start Mokoko Express Event. These can be used in tandem with the Jump-Start servers to allow players even faster progression to the endgame! And speaking of events… Arktoberfest is back! Players can once again experience Lost Ark’s unique take on Oktoberfest with unique in-game items.

There’s more to the September update to check out, so check out this post for the full notes on this month’s content. And as always, stay tuned to Lost Ark for the latest news!