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Prime Gaming joins GamesBeat discussion on growing game discovery for players

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VentureBeat’s GamesBeat Summit Next, the influential games-industry event that explores “emerging markets, new gaming leaders, and the next big trends,” kicked off yesterday in San Francisco. In one of its featured panel discussions, Andrea Cutright, head of global marketing, Prime Gaming & Game Growth, joined leaders from Samsung and Ubisoft to discuss how the industry is serving up new ways for consumers to find and experience games.

During the conversation, panelists shared expert insights on how they’re reaching audiences today, from core to casual players. Some of the key themes included:

Developers and publishers have to meet players where they are

Andrea pointed out that whether on big screens or small ones, reaching optimal distribution means appreciating players’ fandom for the content they love. It also means embracing social and community elements, whether gaming out in public or between rooms in their houses.

Give players more of what they want

She called out that many people in the GamesBeat audience likely had Prime memberships, which also gives them access to Prime Gaming. Leveraging subscription programs like Prime strengthens the authentic connection that Amazon has with gamers, while also delivering them crave-worthy in-game and other premium gameplay content, often for free with Prime Gaming.

Discovery, discovery, discovery

In closing the session, she noted that new game and content discovery is a really important part of what Amazon Games and Prime Gaming are bringing to players. She advised the industry crowd to explore partnerships with other brands, introduce players to new things, and, in the end, create more opportunities to engage with players at the right times. That way, they can be connected to content they may not yet know about yet, but may be exactly what they’re looking for.

One thing is clear, with screened devices having become ubiquitous centerpieces in our homes and our lives, players have never had more gaming options. And for the industry, it’s all about ensuring that the expanding base of their audiences can find, access, and enjoy their favorite content whenever—and however—they choose.

You can check out the panel here.