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Amazon Games VP Christoph Hartmann Speaks with Variety About His Vision for Amazon in the World of Video Games


Amazon Games remains dedicated to its measured, long-play strategy to become one of the industry’s best publishers. We’re committed to building and publishing great games that players will love for years to come, which requires a long-term, customer-obsessed approach as we expand and refine our games portfolio.

Christoph Hartmann, VP of Amazon Games, shared insights with Variety in a recently published feature article about Amazon’s commitment to video games, his vision for Amazon Games, his ambition to establish it as one of the industry’s top publishers, and much more.

“The approach we took at Amazon is the long game…” said Hartmann. “When you look from where we started to where we are now, we have now eight games in development, and we’re really going to start to get a more regular cadence of putting out games.”

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